Asset Management System

Asset Management System fully takes control of what assets you have, where they are, who is using them, and how they are being utilized.


Enterprise level system security and compliance
Asset Tracking
End to End Tracking of all assets to make system more transparent
Adapt to changes with minimal or no disruption to the daily operation.
Access Control
Authorized personnel access for better data security to the system
Seamless integration with other systems and network access makes the system more productive and saves time and money
Financial Management
Manage and track depreciation for the purposes of accurate financial accounting
Generates reports by continuous analysing of the system using effective analytics tools
Automated Process
Automated processes reduce the need to continually enter information save time and money and ensure that errors in asset details will remain as low as possible


  • Store your asset details in multiple categories of your choice, such as: asset type, location and department.
  • Entire status management, including: location, Allocation, and condition
  • Hold historical data, along with using conditional data for dynamic segmentation.
  • Manage different types of assists including:fixed asset, current assets and mobile assets.
  • Provides complete Asset & Inventory Tracking.
  • Scheduling and tracking your tasks, and asset event.
  • Providing detailed usage statistics
  • Generating comprehensive and/or custom reports on:
  • Asset life cycle,
  • Asset listing, and
  • Depreciation details
Support Different methods of calculating depreciation, like:
  • Straight Line Depreciation,
  • Decline Balance.