Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Right Platform for business units to interact with clients, render their needs and demands effectively and build long-term relationship.


Workflow & Process Automation
Automate your proven sales and business processes to drive opportunities and to increase team productivity
Application Integration
Seamless integration with productivity applications and other business processes applications
Business Analytics Tools
Gain deeper understanding of business and team performance through graphical dashboards, advanced business analytic tools, and powerful reports
Customer Database
Data management of customer database is highest priority making sure data integrity is continually optimized
Access Control and Data Security
Authorized access encryption and keeping your customers valuable information safe
Sales Tracking
collaborate more effectively, maintain better contact management
Customer Self-Service options
Provide an experience by enabling customers to find the answers they need
Social Media Integration
Integration with popular social media management platforms


  • Manage appointments, cases, sales quotes and documents.
  • Real-time map of your sales pipeline
  • Reach out to contacts over tracked and recorded emails or calls in just a click.
  • Identify & Focus on Hot/Winning Leads.
  • Make better decisions with pre-built and custom analytics and insights.
  • Efficiently build, monitor and deploy your campaigns
  • Follow each marketing campaign from the initial stages of a concept to the conclusion.
  • Automatically creates cases from phone calls, email, chat, website, or social media.
  • Let no case go unanswered, with filtered views that show you the status of every case in your support pipeline.
  • Provide reliable customer support, with automatic escalations and accurate information.
  • Improve your team response quality with pre-built insights and analytics.