Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

SyngyMaxim’s Retail Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system help businesses across multiple industries to integrate their operations, making it easier to manage the company. Our Retail ERP system is a solution for different business operational complexities and comes with key features that will help retailers to manage their current business requirements, allowing them to adopt to changing retail trends in the future and helps in better decision making.


Add Product
Categorizing each product in to different levels for sales estimation purpose in future
Export and Import
Export and Import helps to add all the old Product list at once to the Pallet and vice versa
Access Branches
All the branch sales information can be handled at one platform called Pallet, which helps to compare the sales graph and plan the future steps accordingly
Support for the Store System
Backing and Tracking the store system for additional usage and references
Retail Specific Components
Segmentation based Designed for easy access to the system
Segment Specific Expandability
Visionary capability to expand the system in terms of segmentation
Work Flow Automation and Enterprise Process Management
Automatic execution and optimisation of business activities to achieve the business goals