SMAX - A Smart Campus Solution


Campus, departments and Students are not isolated anymore. SMAX connects, strengthens and simplifies all major workflows in higher education. This system is designed to accept elucidate processes and generate reports with better services, consistent and secured data. It supports automated as well as manual processes.


Zero Data Redundancy
zero data misplace is maintained in the system
Streamlining The Process
Increasing the effeciency of the system by using effective business process
Seamless Communication
Smooth ,absolute and consistent communication is maintained byIntegrating the efficient Applications and modules
Responsive web design
Refined and sophisticated responsive web design for feasible usage of the system to the end users
Integrated Technology
Improves the efficiency of development process , automates the system for minimising the errors and speeding up the system
Complete Report Of Students
Automated and complete reports of students is generated for easy understanding and usage
Online Analysis
Complete student analyses is done through online process for accuracy
Payment And Fees Collection
Online and manual paymeant and fees collection feature is obtained in the system
Import Information
Protected and flexible data Import and Loads the copy of the file to our system
Highly Flexible and Scalable
Very Adaptable and expandable to the end users
Web Based Application
Adaptable to any browser as per user preferences
Email&Sms Alert
Enhanced Email and sms alert features is available
Easily Upgradable
compatible and Extendible for future generation requirements
User Friendly Design
User friendly interface for better accessibilty and performance
Designed with high security features to provide maximum security against the lose of the data from the system


  • Engage with students via multi-channel communications
  • Make more informed decisions about admissions
  • Make more personalized decisions for each student.
  • Support financial aid planning
  • Help students and advisors plan and monitor progress of admission and registration
  • Build a program and course registration plan from a student’s existing degree.
  • Make it easy to build schedules and register with an online system
  • Enable anywhere, anytime access to information
  • Provide an easy-to-navigate course catalog and degree-planning capabilities.
  • Deliver grading tools that make it easy to post grades in different bases as required.
  • Maintain detailed, consistent and accurate records for better efficiency.
  • Maintain academic calendar and events; course catalogue and schedules; and announcements
  • Enable students, faculty and staff to collaborate on and off campus
  • Facilitate administrative function
  • Guarantee up-to-date information and records.
  • Acquire accurate and timely data for administration operations
  • Comply easily and quickly with regulatory updates
  • Automate day-to-day tasks