Patient Connect

Personalised experience is very critical for any patient retention in any hospital.SyngyMAXIM's patient management mobility solution is a competitive platform to manage secured patient records from all departments with in a hospital at one-place.


Online Booking
Booking an appointment through online makes the user time saving irrespective of place and time.
Refill Medication
The ability to process refills on their medical prescriptions. Patient portal app makes it easier to keep a managed record of the scheduled and needed medications for the patients.
Search Doctor
Referring the doctors based on the location and specialty.
Patient Reports
Simplified accession of patient reports by making them online and just a touch/click away.
Quality & Security
Ensuring the Quality and Security by providing valid information to fulfill their purpose reliably and safely.
Reduce Complexity
Patient Portal App help doctors to store the health information of patients in a hassle-free manner.
Easy Accessing
A well-designed user interface app that help patients to track the specific related information efficiently.