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Webinar Details

Sep 23, 2020

Total Duration - 60 Minutes

Mode – Webex Session

7:30 PM IST | 5:00 PM KSA | 10:00 AM EST


Welcome and context setting by Ravi

Discussion on Healthcare technology revolutions by Sumit Mahendru



Innovation is expected to manifest itself in numerous ways. Future-focused innovations will likely leverage people and technology to address embryonic individual and group health needs.

Technology has brought enormous change to the healthcare industry. Remote consultations with specialists, treatments, and the availability of instinctive mobile apps have led to improved patient care and a superior healthcare experience overall. The availability of innovative treatment technologies has been leading to better results and has enhanced the quality of healthcare Industry. Nations have been able to bind technology more efficiently to improve healthcare care

Following aspects have changed Healthcare.

  • Mobile App for Healthcare Industry
  • Electronic Medical Records on fingertips
  • Improved Patient care
  • Telemedicine/ Telehealth
  • How technology-enabled patient engagement strategies can improvise patient's interactions with their health care systems.
  • Why Healthcare players are getting interested in using Data-as-a-Platform (DaaP) to extract insights from patient data.
  • How will virtual healthcare investment in security tools and services be helpful in identifying risks.
  • Learn how to increase patient engagement across their care and wellness journeys.
  • Hear how to leverage a digital platform to increase access and operational efficiencies.
  • What job roles will be opened with the increased adoption of AI and machine learning to predict and treat conditions.
  • How Financial transparency can lower costs and improve the patient experience.