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Synergy Maximum

Influencing Greater Changes

SyngyMAXIM works towards building innovative market-shaping solutions over domains such as Healthcare, Higher Education and Digital Security. We combine our experience of new age technologies with our embedded industry expertise to design winning solutions that unlock lasting value and world-class tangible outcomes.

Our Center of Excellence (COE)

We aim at delivering solutions that automate several processes across various domains with a special focus on Healthcare, Digital Security and Higher Education. Our expertise cuts across but is not limited to Business Intelligence, E-Learning and Mobility.


Mobility is the front and center of more or less every application in the market. Be it a mobility solution for employee working remotely or a user accessing applications from different devices, mobility is bringing continuous value to our solutions.

Enabling an ‘Anytime – Anywhere’ approach to such solutions, we believe in giving the user flexibility to access an application across different platforms. Concentrating on native and cross platform apps, SyngyMAXIM’s A-Team designs, develops and reengineers applications across iOS and Android for off-shelf and custom apps.


With educational institutions running online sessions across the world, interactive content in the form of games, virtual and augmented based learning modules, additionally situation-based learning techniques have changed the face of E-Learning methods to a great extent.

At SyngyMAXIM, we strive to find such credible E-Learning solutions for our clients.

Business Intelligence

BI is an integral part for any business. Devising simple yet comprehensive dashboards, visuals and reports is our expertise. We provide a nuanced and practical BI Consulting, Planning and Analysis for Data Mining and ETL operations.

Our Belief

At SyngyMAXIM, we believe in delivering solutions that significantly enhance lives of people experiencing it. We also understand that for our solutions to have maximum penetration, it is imperative that we deploy best in class processes that allow us to competitively price our solutions.

Encouraging innovation over mundane practices has led us to establish a stronger collaboration with our customers and with significant success.

In the coming few years, we aim to establish a world where there is no perimeter to innovation across numerous tech enabled platforms.

Our Resolution

The core resolution at SyngyMAXIM is to maintain an agile and solution-oriented approach. We offer to deliver multifaceted yet transformative software and services. Affordable and efficient systems that change the face of modern technology is what we strive to achieve.

One of the traits that we take pride in is the management of the end-to-end cycle for each process. With consistent efforts and a highly experienced team we are determined towards a timely and productive delivery of our services.

Our Principles

The principles we adhere to at SyngyMAXIM is what makes us who we are – Product Evangelists, Innovation Masters and Startup Lovers!

Dedicated Clients Centric Processes

We understand that every business and its objective is unique. We align our talent and their work to devise and implement strategies for such client centric objectives. Spanning over various domains, we try to establish a definite ecosystem that efficiently manages client-partner relationship, business effectiveness and objective essence.

Quality assured

Most of our processes have been certified with the ISO 9001:2015 certification.
Quality work is our key focus. With a proven track-record of delivering several high-quality and reliable services, our talent maintains a definite industry standard at every stage of a project.

Trust and honesty

We believe that a transparent work culture helps us establish the trust and honesty essential for a ‘Client-Partner’ relationship. This has helped us build long-term associations with our clients.

Proactive solutions with tangible outcomes

With more than 10 years of maintaining associations and actively delivering excellence, we have catered to Fortune 100 companies with concrete solutions over Healthcare, Digital Security and Higher Education domains.

Who we are ?

SyngyMAXIM is your A-Team, comprising of the world’s best software developers, business analysts, solution architects and led by industry veterans responsible for the designing and implementing some of the largest digital transformations witnessed in recent times, we are fuelled by a deep commitment to creating simplified digital solutions for complex business challenges.

Our clients love to work with us because in our team they see true partners with a complete appreciation of their challenges and a team that will not force an off the shelf solution rather co-build be-spoke designs that is reflective of specific challenges that our clients look to address through their partnerships with us.

With stellar academic credentials and over 30 years of industry experience, we absolutely understand that learning never stops and this zeal to excel in newer areas has allowed us to rapidly build capabilities across a wide range of Digital and Consulting solutions with established leadership in the Digital Security, Higher Education and Healthcare domains.

A Team

that is steadfast in its resolve to build breakthrough solutions that not only look good on stage but also operate like clockwork when the rubber hits the road to deliver an unmatched experience for your customers and business stakeholders. This pragmatic approach to design is what sets us apart and makes it a breeze to collaborate.  

Understanding the competition in the market, our team of corporate experts will provide a curated analysis of the business solution you are looking for. With specific focus on the business objectives, our team will strive hard to devise a strategic blueprint for a successful integration of your vision with our solutions that will challenge the dynamics of today’s market.

"When talent meets passion it creates magic, and when magic meets experience it creates leadership."

Experience the A team, ask us how we can help info@syngymaxim.com

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