Author: Puneet Dasari

5 eLearning strategies that you should embrace for Engagement of learners.

The interruption of face-to-face learning caused by the epidemic has pushed eLearning content production to new extremes, the way we live and interact is rapidly changing due to technological advancements. It is transforming the face of every field and industry in the most positive way conceivable

Business Process in Robotic Process Automation and how businesses are benefitted

RPA automated process of performing basic tasks either through the means of software or hardware specially to mimic how humans interact repetitively with digital systems to execute business tasks such as extracting data, form filling, sending receipt messages, updating spreadsheet, to check the form completeness etc., performed for longer durations without needing rest, meant to lessen the burden on employees.

A Patient-centric approach in healthcare and its importance

A patient-centric approach is simply a consumer driven decision-making method of involving active self, families, and friends mainly to cure or to retain a disease when there are various options to treat instead of passive method, where no group of patient members as families and friends are excluded in it.

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