Benefits of revitalizing existing digitized education ecosystem


It’s our immense pleasure to get the insights about the Need of Digitalized Educational Ecosystem from eminent speakers like Mr. J.A. Chowdary, Mr. Randeep Sudan, and Mr. Apoorba Kumar. Also, we extend our special thanks to the moderator of the discussion Mr. Raja Sekhar Pagadala.

Mr. J. A Chowdary emphasized on changing the education system rapidly with the new technological trends in order to move with fast pace world. He mentioned to keep the students focused, mentoring and guiding them towards right direction is indeed crucial. Mr. J A Chowdary added that the universities should start giving industry-based projects to the students rather than more theoretical learnings making industry driven employees to be created in institutions itself. The institutions should take initiatives for upscaling themselves to make their students match up with the competitive world. Quick solution and awareness programs for common people to be organized.

Mr. Sudan gave insights about how education system can adapt new technologies and what curation will attract the students. Mr Sudan suggested to opt for platforms which learners find attractive. Fun and interactive learning is the most important form of education he added.

Mr. Sudan mentioned Roblox which is partnered with 200 educational firms and teachers, started using Roblox for tutorials as well. The concept of Roblox is learn as you play. Leveraging such platforms for education may attract students and make learning more fun and translate gaming modes to educational experience. He also added what skill developments should youth take now or how to understand the market trend? He explained that skill trends can be assessed from the analytics companies like burning blast, EMSI, Jobcred, linkup. These sites help in providing labour market analytics skills in demand, foundational shifts with economy, jobs and skills connection opportunity for rapid reskilling or upskilling among others.

Immersive learning experiences would become more predominant in the future. Education is going to be delivered in various methods such as hybrid learning/ peer to peer learning/ Just in Time based among others. While talking about virtual reality Mr Sudan mentioned Scooper’s study suggests employees can be trained 4 times faster using Virtual reality experience and more trainees have been found 4 times more focused than ordinary training. Programs with AR and VR intervention will reduce the skilling time and can be utilized for fast learnings E.g.: Walmart reduced training time from 8hours to 15 minutes.

Ethical dimensions of people are to be considered in every learning. In this aspect, France has an AI school which focusses on ethics. Fundamental’s foundation of education to be taught to the kids from very early age that covers cognitive learning, neural learning, multi-tasking, mental ability to take new challenges among others.

Adding to this Mr. Apoorba mentioned the importance of skill development. Skillsets are now calibrating to the industry needs. Industry vision is getting narrowed to deliverables. He explained the learner has to be Jack of all. As per Mr. Apoorba the 3 major changes which is taking over the market are listed below:

Benefits of revitalizing existing digitized education ecosystem
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