Benefits of revitalizing existing digitized education ecosystem

Educational Institutes now have a broad continuum of options for giving education, from virtual learning to Video conferencing enormous options are now readily available for the students and instructors. These new normal of 2020 has now made education easy and intervention of technology has made it clear that education has no boundaries and knowledge has no limits. Digital learnings are helping the generation to build more flexible and nimble education system.

Reinviting the workplaces through touchless technologies

Innovation is expected to manifest itself in numerous ways. Future-focused innovations will likely leverage people and technology to address embryonic individual and workplaces needs. Technology has brought enormous change to the workplaces post Covid. Workfrom Home is the New Normal and hence the workplaces has also evolved themselves.

The availability of innovative touchless technologies has been leading to better results and has enhanced the quality of workplaces. Industries have been able to bind technology more efficiently to improve workplaces for the employee. Health and Safety of Employees at workplaces.

Following aspects are changing workplaces.

Role of Technologies
AI is revolutionising
IoT to be a workplace tool
Employee well-being initiatives

Discussion on Healthcare technology revolutions

SUMMARY Dive into our webinar on public healthcare as we assess using data-driven decisions to bring positive outcomes and solutions in the medical space. We are joined by the Managing Director, Mr. Sumit Mahendru at Savi Group who dives into practices of this field. How we can engage patients during this technology enabled services during […]

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