Discussion on Healthcare technology revolutions


Dive into our webinar on public healthcare as we assess using data-driven decisions to bring positive outcomes and solutions in the medical space. We are joined by the Managing Director, Mr. Sumit Mahendru at Savi Group who dives into practices of this field.

How we can engage patients during this technology enabled services during these conditions, there’s a big demand in the existing market where most of the patients expect their services to be delivered at home and expect the services to be more personalized the answer in technology which has now made the world fit in 6inch Cell phone.

Technology transformation in the health care industry is all about removing friction, long waiting hours, infections and bad traffic in the patient experience.

Now the Consumers are demanding because of other industries are booming with technology transformations consumer want the same change in healthcare as well. Healthcare industry are losing patients to competition because they didn’t transform as other over time.

IOT and Technology can make healthcare affordable and much efficient. This will reduce lot of overhead costs that will result in more awareness towards health and better connectivity.

Using technology, we are able to diagnose various scenarios holistically. Analysing the data is what helps us understand why Patient A vs. Patient B with the same symptoms were treated in different ways.

The data is extracted via algorithms, and it becomes easier to find patterns and solve problems that assist with prolonging human life. But as we can see in the recent times, tele-health is here to stay. And here are a couple of benefits; just to name a few –

Data-intensive solutions have been proven to combat the challenges in the system; and data sourcing is already moving towards a standardized format to help to improve patient care. We can also avoid negative issues that arise because of a lack of communication and a standard protocol. Data can answer some of the most pertinent questions for your organization.

Gaining these insights will take be able to make the necessary changes that are needed to keep improving.

At SyngyMAXIM our solutions are designed with an intuitive user-friendly interface that is meant to tackle the ongoing challenges of the future. The diversity of content, format, and location for data will keep increasing with the adoption of big data methodologies; and you need experts to help you make sense of it. Patient engagement strategy can improve patient interactions with their health care systems.

Discussion on Healthcare technology revolutions
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