22nd Dec 2020


People are now very active in terms of health and fitness and all they demand is everything on fingertips. Now consumers are high on demand and expect no waiting time or queue which is a very obvious scenario on hospitals.

PatientKonnect, connecting patients, doctors, healthcare workers and the complete healthcare industry that’s what it does. Patients can have easy and quick access to their healthcare specialists. PatientKonnect assists you with Booking appointments in a jiffy. Users can also have preferences in booking appointments they can have their preferences such as Tele-consultation, Video-consultation, Home visits or Chat options with the healthcare specialists. This healthcare mobile app is loaded with instant services to reduce cost as well time consumption while keeping the user and healthcare professional connected.

Every patient is different and so is their lifestyles and health habits. Every Patients necessitates exclusive list of past health records and that is why they require specific attention and certainly a diverse treatment. Customizing treatment for each patient and having collective data of their medical history is made easy with our user friendly and intuitive interface solution. Healthcare specialist and patients both can have their sets of information accessible quickly.

PatientKonnect also provides tailor made reports for the doctors and appointment notifications, healthcare updates, tips and tricks for users. This customizable healthcare mobile app is inevitable.

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