22nd Dec 2020


Touchless workplaces are the new revolution and it is going to evolve more in near future. In the new normal we’re all more mindful of everything we touch, in open regions and in particularly the most obvious workplaces.

QIQO does it all for you and for safety of the workplaces.  A touchless workforces management system which combats infections and an effective way to facilitate social distancing and allows to do Check-ins and checkouts with various methods It supports front end for being touchless and backend for giving the data. QIQO not just makes the workplaces touchless but also makes the admin work easy by giving the login data of the employee with tailor made reports.

Is it just for attendance???

QIQO can be used across all, domains and industries. In light of the developing ought to maintain hygiene within the working environment, shared control gadgets such as the lift, lighting, and HVAC controls will be personalized. Most of these building installations are more often than not controlled employing a shared screen, button, or inaccessible control.  An employee can control their work environment right from the consolation of their chair utilizing the mobile apps. Individual versatile devices. 

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