Reinviting the workplaces through touchless technologies


Tune in to this webinar to get some interesting facts about touchless technologies by our keynote speaker, Dr. Suliman Al Ghamdi, CEO, IDIT. Special thanks to Anuradha Parasaram, HR specialist for moderating the session.

The current focus during this pandemic situation has been to manage workplaces with technology-enabled services. There is a big demand for touchless technologies in the market where most of the companies are trying to identify contactless devices and technologically take a step forward for safety. Attendance systems, doors, and electric switches are few examples but now even the restaurant food menus have become touchless using QR codes, which indicates the technology transformation has entered in every aspect of our lives.

 Touchless technologies, automation, artificial intelligence, and globalization have revolutionised our workplaces and the way we work. Now, we are acknowledging technological shifts in condensed period than ever before. However, reinvention of workplaces involves various technology integrations in order to make workplaces safer for employees. There is a real need to think on the physical workplaces and its need in future while employees look for safer work zones.

 Digital transformations at workplaces is all about being touchless and to replace all the traditional hardware’s, common touch points and social gatherings. This will reduce a lot of overhead hardware cost and will result in safer workplaces. Now the employees are demanding safer workplaces and quick transformations of organizations with the new normal.

Using touchless technologies, we are able to combat various infections. For instance, elevators can have encrypted QR codes, touchless attendance system can expiate the long queue near the biometric/ Kiosk logins, the attendance systems data can assist in payroll management, etc. The data extracted via algorithms helps to ease the task to find patterns and solve problems that assist in workforce managements. However, as we can see in the recent times, touchless technologies are here to stay and we have listed a few benefits:

The trends, which are vital at our workplaces:

Gaining these insights via our webinar will aid the organizations to make the necessary changes that are required to keep improving in this fast-paced world. As recommended by the experts, our solutions are designed with an intuitive user-friendly interface that is meant to tackle the ongoing and future challenges. QIQO our touchless workforce management software helps to combat infections and facilitate social distancing elements. QIQO allows to register attendance/ booking through different modes. Touchless technologies can make workplaces safe and by combating infections, it will make employees safer. Explore more about the next generation technologies at

Reinviting the workplaces through touchless technologies
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